Digitality X

Cosplay Showdown 2017

Photo Curtosy of: Michael La-Cour

We are proud to be bringing you an amazing cosplay show at Digitality X this year with our Digitality X Cosplay Showdown 2017! We have gotten amazing prizes, and a great lineup of judges for you to meet at the event, and all we need now is you!

Digitality X Cosplay Showdown

On Saturday at 18:00 we will be going live on the mainstage with the Digitality X Cosplay Showdown!

The show is open for all participants and for those that participate you will be getting free entrance to the event so you can help showcase your stuff! We are happy to be partnered with Nerdeportalen again this year whom will be supporting the show with prizes, and their knowhow!

Show format

The show format for Digitality X is a free for all, but most of the value is placed during pre-judging. This means that the show can combine acts, of up to 3 minutes long, and catwalks between 30 seconds and one minute on stage. Depending on what the cosplayer wants to do.

Our Judges

We are happy to be introducing judges from all over the Scandinavian region for the show! We decided to go with our following choices, and hope you are as happy as we are with the choices!


Photo by: Katrix Media



Photo by: Dusty Photo



Photo by: Michael La-Cour



Photo by: Katrix Media



For all categories it is allowed to chose any series, videogames, anime, manga and character you wish! They just have to be existing cosplays, no original concept craft though! Secondly you don’t have to bring anything new or that hasn’t already been on the Digitality X stage at an earlier event.

Signing Up

Please read our rules, and register for the cosplay show on the Registration page if you are interested in participating!

Digitality X Cosplay hosted with Nerdeportalen

Digitality X will be hosting the show partenred with Nerdeportalen because of all the work they do with the Norwegian cosplay scene and we want to help support that scene. If you have any questions about joining, please feel free to message via our organizers facebook page here!

Deadlines for signing up / Cosplayers

Deadlines for signing up are the 6th of July 2017, at 15:00 via the site. The deadlines for cosplayers to send in their music and acts are at the same time! So don’t worry there is plenty of time!

Best Cosplay in Show

For this prize we are looking for the costume with the full package. The details, crafting techniques, combination of effects, props, makeup, and how it’s all put together. We are looking for the costume that is just perfect from top to toe. This is by far, the top placement to go for!

10.000 NOK Digitality X Gift Certificate

For travel to any convention/event of your choice!
Hotel + Flights + Entrance to a convention of your choice in Europe.

3000 NOK gift certificate from Nerdeportalen

Craftsmanship Award

Mastering different techniques, material handling, makeup, wig styling, prop building, and they deserve the credit given with this prize. We are looking to award one person with the best solo craft award which is only for those that created their entire ensemble themselves. The talent that the cosplayer of mastering their craft skills that wins this prize is the reward for their hard work!

2000 NOK gift certificate from Nerdeportalen

Best Prop

Some people make guns, knives, swords, shields, dolls, or artefacts that go together with their characters! We are looking to see who can perfectly recreate these props which in most cases have a personality and character that we can all recognise when playing our favorite games, or watching our favorite series. The prize goes to the person that recreates a prop the best!

2000 NOK gift certificate from Nerdeportalen

The Doppelganger

Some people look a little too much like their characters, eerily so, so much so that you might even get confused if you are actually looking at the real world version of them! This prizes goes to the most accurate depiction of the character you are portraying on stage. We are looking for a 1:1 truest copy of the original character you are bringing to life for us!

1000 NOK gift certificate from Nerdeportalen