Esports and casual games

Compete for money and glory

Our aspiration is to be the leading event for e-sports in the Nordic.

In 2017, we plan to repeat the success from 2016, and keep building. We want more games, more participants and we’re bringing even bigger stakes! 

Once again we have partnered with ESEN Studios to bring you an amazing live broadcast. We will also create esports related content for our webpage with articles, interviews, videos and great pictures.

Online Qualifiers
Last year our online qualifiers were very popular, so this year we will be having them again, but to keep the concept growing, we will be having qualifiers for League of Legends, CS:GO AND Hearthstone this year! We will be announcing more about the qualifiers soon!

Our Main Games for Digitality X 2017
League of Legends, Counter Strike:Global Offensive and Hearthstone.

Other Games
Super Smash Bros Melee, Super Smash Bros for Wii U, Overwatch, Osu! and more.

Tickets for E-sports Organisations 
If you manage an E-sports organisation, Digitality X offers you the option to purchase as many tickets as you want and receive an invoice to pay for them. (If you only need 5, you can use our normal ticketing system.)

Rules for DX17

Counter Strike
League of Legends
League of Legends ARAM

Remember, it’s YOUR responsibility to read and know these rules!

Who organizes esports?

Benedichte Breistøl is our project leader for e-sports and event. She has experience from all aspects of e-sports organizing, including hosting, commentating, journalism and founding and running one the countries best known e-sports organizations.

Who can sign up for the tournaments?

Anyone with a LAN ticket can sign up to any games. We have a BYOC in all tournaments. If you want to, you can also attend out online qualifier for League of Legends, CS:GO and Hearthstone and fight for tournament seeding, LAN tickets and in some cases travel and accommodation. More info about this will be announced soon.

How do I sign up?

As soon at it is possible to sign up, you simply have to follow the link on the page dedicated to the game you want to sign up for. You fint the links to each game in the menu.

Will the tournament be broadcasted?

Yes, in cooperation with ESEN studios we will once again have live coverage of the esports tournament and produce even more video and written content for our website.

What is esports?

Esports is competative gaming and has over 305 million fans world wide. During our event you get to experience the ever growing sport at its best with live coverage; sports commentators, live interviews and entertaining segments that makes the phenomenon understandable for the whole family.