This is the DX LAN

Digitality X is organized by Stavanger Forum and Geek Crew, and run with the help of 120 volunteers. The LAN seats up to 1000 participants, and everyone gets 90 x 80 cm of table space, two electrical sockets and access to 10 GB redundancy internet. The LAN has security personnel at all hours.

For high speed internet we have partnered with ATEA, Lyse, Cisco and Altibox. With their help our Tech-crew managed to have 0 down-time on our internet during our first event in 2016.  We are proud to have them with us again this year!

Is it safe?
As organizers Stavanger Forum has insurance, but this does not cover damage or loss of participants personal gear and equipment. It rarely happens that PCs go missing, and most material damage is an accident where someone, for instance, spill soda on their keyboard. How ever you should be careful when leaving your mobile phone and cameras unattended.

Where can we buy food?
There will be a kiosk and dining facilities in the LAN area where you can buy different types of food. If you feel like walking 10-15 minutes, you can also go to a close by supermarket, or just visit the hotel restaurants 100 meters away from the venue.

Can we drink alcohol?
Our event is alcohol and drug-free, and we do not let participants drink or use drugs of any kind at our event. If you chose to leave the event and go to the city or hotel and drink there, you can not return to the LAN area if you are visibly intoxicated.

WC and showers
The venue is equipped with locker rooms and toilet facilities. These are cleaned regularly. Remember to clean your hands after using the toilet and take a shower once in a while. It will make the LAN more pleasant for everyone.

What games can I compete in?

If you want to participate in game competitions, you can sign up for them the first day of the event. We have several different games including, but not limited to, Counter Strike:Global Offensive, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros (melee and wii), Minecraft and Rocket League. With a LAN ticket you can sign up for any of these. If you have a festival ticket, you can sign up for the competitions that do not require you to have your own computer to participate (HS, Smash).

How much space do we get?

You get 90 x 80 cm.

Technical info

Internet: 10GB redundancy
2 electrical outlets per person (1A)
– You will need to bring 10 meters of network cable. If you do not have one, you can buy one at the event.

Food services and sleeping hall

At Digitality X we have a kiosk as well as different types of food available for purchase. 10-15 minutes walk from the venue, you will also find a supermarked. For LAN participants there is a sleeping hall with security open at all times during the event. All you need is a sleeping bag and a air mattress.

Where do we sleep?

We have a separate sleeping hall where anyone with a LAN ticket can sleep at any time during the LAN. This sleeping hall will have guards at all hours, so it is safe to take a nap or sleep for how ever many hours you need. All you need is a sleeping bag and a air mattress.

Who Organizes the LAN?

Christian Pettersen is the project leader for LAN and infrastructure. He has experience running several different festivals in the Stavanger Region, and had worked at different big LANs through out Norway.

Can I sit next to my friends?

Yes, you can sit next to you friends! Close to the event we open up the “seating” option in the ticket system, and you and your friends can chose where you sit.

You can chose where to sit here.

Who can attend the LAN?

Digitality X is a alcohol and drug-free event. Our LAN seats up to 1000 people, and is open to everyone. Last year we had participants of all ages, and even parents attending the LAN together with their kids. All you need is a computer. The LAN is great for anyone who wants to spend several days meeting new like-minded people and socializing with friends