League of Legends Tournament

Once again we are looking forward to having some of the best teams in Norway and the Nordics participate in our League of Legends Tournament! Last year it was such an awesome experience for viewers everywhere to see the finals go trough the entire best-of-five. We hope for even more excitement this year!

All you need in order to participate in the tournament is a LAN-ticket. That way you can easily play through the BYOC tournament from your LAN seat.

Prizes this yar have been kinly supported by Riot, and will include special Triumphant Ryze skins for the champions, official Riot gear, and RP up to 8th place. We’ve also added a 4th place prize to the tournament which will be 2.500 NOK!


Rules may be viewed here.


Casual ARAM tournament
The League of Legends tournament will also include a ARAM tournament for those of you who prefer a more casual play style. So there’s something for everyone! More information on the ARAM competition coming soon!


1st Place - League of Legends
  • * Prizes are in NOK
2nd Place - League of Legends
  • * Prizes are in NOK
3rd Place - League of Legends
  • * Prizes are in NOK

Hype video from DX16