For the first time at DigitalityX, we are offering a fun and friendly tournament in Overwatch. Play will be in 3v3 format, so you don’t need a big team, just a couple of friends who want to take a shot at winning a few kronor!

All you need in order to participate in the tournament is a LAN-ticket. That way you can easily play through the BYOC tournament from your LAN seat.

Prizes this year will be 7.500kr for first place, 3.750kr for second place and 1.350kr for third place. Signups will be open longer than for the other competitions, and since this is a friendly competition, we will do our best to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with your play in other tournaments. If you do have a time conflict, just come on up to the desk and let an admin know what’s happening and they will try to help make sure you get to play your game.



Read the rules here.


1st Place - Overwatch
  • * Prizes are in NOK
2nd Place - Overwatch
  • * Prizes are in NOK
3rd Place - Overwatch
  • * Prizes are in NOK