Production from Digitality X

We bring Digitality X to the world!

To make Digitality X happen we also have several strategic partners. For production we have partnered up with the amazing Swedish company ESEN studio. They are one of Swedens largest streaming channels for esports and gaming.

With their help Digitality X manages to pull off a great live show and also produce hours of pre-recorded content. ESEN also produce three of our four online qualifiers.

Our cooperation with ESEN is a corner stone in the event it self. They have experience working with esports production, and together we are growing with each broadcast.

This year we will have a complete live production of King Of Nordics from Digitality X and we will incorporate aspects of the LAN event into the broadcast.

The main sponsors for the production is Logitech and Samsung.

Who sponsors the production?

The main sponsors for the productions is Logitech and Samsung.

Where can I read more about ESEN?

Check out their website here.

Who organizes E-sports?

Benedichte Breistøl is our project leader for e-sports and event. She has experience from all aspects of e-sports organizing, including hosting, commentating, journalism and founding and running one the countries best known e-sports organizations.