Stavanger Forum Travel Information

How to get to Stavanger Forum

There is several ways to get to Stavanger and from Stavanger city central to Stavanger Forum. To get to Stavanger you can drive and take the plane, also there is bus services from Oslo through Kristiansand to Stavanger. As well as NSB (train) about three times every 24 hours over the same strech.

By foot / walking
You can walk fra Stavanger city centre to Stavanger Forum through the tourist trail in Mosvannsparken. To walk takes about 20 minutes.

By Car
If you are traveling by car Stavanger Forum lies about 15 minutes from Stavanger Airport Sola, and 3 to 5 minutes from Stavanger city centre.

By Bus
There is a bus service between  Stavanger city center and Stavanger Forum every ten minutes. The busses are numbered 2, 3, 6, 7, 10 and 16. You exit the bus at the bus stop named “Tjensvollkrysset”. The airport shuttle bus passes the conference center several times a day.

By plane
Stavanger Airport Sola is directly linked to 35 international airports and has more than 90 arrivals daily. More information.


The area next to Stavanger Forum has two large car parks for parking: P-Forum and P-Siddis. Stavanger Parkering run both of these car parks. P-Forum has a total of 289 parking spaces and 6 payment machines. It also includes 6 parking spaces for electric cars.

P- Siddis has a total of 360 parking spaces and 8 payment machines, 4 on each floor. It also includes 10 parking spaces for electric cars and has 18 parking spaces for persons with reduced mobility.

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Hotel and venue information

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